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Our founder Minobu Fujimoto started repairing and also replicating Western casted irons by using his forging skills in a small workshop next to his house. Utilizing his forging machine for knife making, Minobu hammered out each and every iron head and ground them to shape - all learned by eye. This ancient technique later developed into a crafting method called “Hizukuri”, which is now used for our hand-made putters.

Established Fujimoto Golf Equipment Manufacturer and began taking OEM production work for a wide range of domestic brands. This is the beginning of the Fujimoto Gikoh we know today.

The three sons of Minobu, Katsuya (current President), Yoshito (current Senior Managing Director), and Takeki (current Managing Director) join the business, bringing more momentum for expansion.

This year was the turning point for the small family business to grow into a medium-sized enterprise as the grandsons of Minobu had now joined the business. The operations began in a small workshop and not only grew in size but also developed a strong family bond that stretched between three generations. The company name also became Fujimoto Gikoh Co., Ltd. from Fujimoto Golf Equipment Manufacturer. “Gikoh" is a Japanese term to describe a manufacturer that is specialized in a certain field.  

The company started to receive jobs from major brands to create one-off custom gears for their sponsoring professionals. This made the Fujimoto name spread rapidly throughout the touring professionals in Japan and brought many major OEM and tour support projects to the company. Takeo Ozaki, which is one of the famous Ozaki brothers in the Japanese tournaments had also signed a partnership with the company to manufacture all his iron and wedges throughout his professional career.

The company relocated its factory to the current location and had also welcomed a new family member Takeru Fujimoto. He eventually expanded the company technically with a three-dimensional club design and in-house CNC machining station.

First official company brand FG-Believer was launched this year, incorporating many intricate designs targeting the Japanese domestic market. The FG-Believer heads are stocked in many custom-fitting shops across Japan.

Today, the small family business has grown much larger and prominent. Fujimoto Golf, was established at the end of 2017 with the mission of creating the best forged heads with all the resource the company has. After so many years, the factory has brought back the annealing process, which was once left behind to keep up with the quantities and lead-time from several OEM works. We are committed to deliver you the best feel that a forged iron head can ever give.

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