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Ryohei Handmade Forged Putter


The traditional way

Each and every of our handmade putters go under the process of forged, bent, ground and polished and all handled by a single man, Ryohei Fujimoto! It is a traditinal manufactring method caled “Hizukuri” and has been passed down for generations.

Using the same steel material as our irons, the putter head, slowly turns into shape through multiple stages of forging, adjusting and polishing.

These putters are also annealed for 72hrs, using the exact same tempered straw ash barrel just like our FT line products for the soft and dense feel and sound.

Putter Styles

Swan Neck
Flow Neck

Finish Options

Chrome Finish

The chrome plating will protect the putter from any corrosion, keeping the putter always clean and shiny. The putting feel will be slightly harder compared to raw or copper finishes.

Copper Finish

An alternative option for playing the putter raw. The soft layer of copper plating will protect the putter from rusting and will gradually change to a nice dark brown color over time.