Fujimoto Golf products are made in our factory located in the far west side of Japan, a small town called Ichikawa in Hyogo-Prefecture that is historically known as the town of blacksmiths. The history of golf with Ichikawa dates back to 1928 – when two blacksmiths Bunji Matsuoka and Seitaro Morita were asked to repair one of the members club at the Kobe Golf Club. Without a clue about golf, the two worked day and night to replicate the broken club, using their skills as blacksmiths. This was the beginning of Japanese forged irons and also the 350 billion yen market today.

After decades later, during Japan's post war economic growth, the sport spread throughout the country, becoming a symbol of wealth in the modern society. Many blacksmiths in Ichikawa also turned their businesses into manufacturing golf clubs and the small town was soon known as the mecca of forged golf clubs. 

Today, many manufacturers have moved their production plants outside of Japan for larger mass scale production. The Fujimoto Family is one of the few families in Ichikawa that keeps the business within themselves.

Fujimoto Golf / Fujimoto Gikoh is one of the last few businesses in Ichikawa to still keep their factory managed by family, passing skills from generation after generation.


Post Code: 679-2311
Hyōgo-ken, Kanzaki-gun, Ichikawa-chō, Uedanaka, 133-1


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