Blacksmith to a grind house.

Everything is up to the masters eyes and senses. Every day is different as is metal. Katsuya was trained from a young age by his grandfather who was a black smith by trade. Until this date, his spirit and passion still runs deep inside the family.




Tradition meets Innovation.

Throughout the year of supporting top Japanese tour players, we have developed a whole archive of what the top players are truely wanting from their forged golf clubs. There are countless ways of describing what a good forged head feels like but all of them are describing how they sense the “Feedback” through their grip and ears.

The FT(Fujimoto Tour) line has been developed and refined for all the golf lovers to experience the true essence of playing with forged clubs. We focus on the metal because we are blacksmiths by trade before we entered the golf manufacturing industry and we have a mission to not let the golfers forget how a forged club feels like.